A cloud of energy at your fingertips

Liquid Particles is a kinetic toy, an interactive artwork,
a game without rules.

Inspired by our popular HTML5 experiment, but
redone from scratch using high-performance C++/OpenGL.

New features

Change the speed (try slow-motion!)
Six color modes
Extract colors from photos
Capture images for unique wallpapers


  • Vortex

  • Explosions

  • Patterns

  • Push Mode

  • Magnetic

  • Capture Images


There are currently no known issues.

If you have any problems, questions, suggestions or feature requests please let us know!
We're very interested in your feedback.


What devices are supported?

It should run on all devices with at least iOS 5.
On older devices it will have less particles if the processor can't handle it. We recommend at least an iPhone 4.

What about the iPad?

It runs on the iPad as well, just scaled up.
The next version will be universal, fine-tuned for the big screen and not scaled. Same app, you don't have to get it twice.

Do you send push notifications?


Is there an Android version?

Coming soon, get notified when it's available.

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